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See how KetaMist® is changing lives every day.

Years of therapy, thousands of pills, and dozens of doctors later, I still found myself suffering. I've struggled my entire life with anxiety, PTSD, depression, and dissociative identity disorder; nothing ever seemed to really help. Immediately after my first KetaMist® treatment, I knew this was a different feeling. I gained a sense of peace and calm that no medication or therapy had achieved for me before. Within the first few treatments, I was sleeping better, more relaxed, and experiencing life versus hiding from it. Now, I have reduced my medication intake, increased my confidence, and improved my relationships with friends and family. After my experience with KetaMist®, my only regret is that it wasn't available sooner.


I have used SSRIs and benzodiazepines, in the past to manage my panic/anxiety and depression symptoms. With the addition of KetaMist®  I was able to get off most of my other medications.  Life is what I was hoping for, more positive focus, and less up and down anxiety. Dr. Cassidy and his team of professionals helped me with good solid research-based treatment using KetaMist®. They prepared me for the experience and have always been helpful pre, post, and during treatment. I always felt safe and cared for. Dr. Cassidy is someone to trust and put faith in.


I was skeptical regarding how effective KetaMist® would be for me after a very tragic loss I suffered which only exacerbated my depression. KetaMist® was a powerful experience. I felt that KetaMist® improved my outlook on my loss as well as my depression. The therapy itself was absolutely amazing, and the result was more than I had hoped for. I would highly recommend the KetaMist® treatment -- it was wonderful.


After being diagnosed and suffering with PTSD, major depressive disorder, and anxiety for several years, I tried the KetaMist® treatment at Dr. Cassidy’s. I had been spending more time in the pit than out of it and Dr. Cassidy told me the treatments could help me find myself again. The KetaMist® treatments and Dr. Cassidy changed my life. It has been almost two months now since my last treatment and I have been having an excellent day every day. I am a better version of my old self and have stayed out of the pit. It has been nothing short of a miracle, for which I give God all the glory.


I have battled some level of anxiety and depression for much of my adult life.  About a year ago I had some life-changing events occur that sent me into the most severe case of depression that I have ever experienced.  I was not able to get out of bed or perform many normal daily functions for about a six month period.  As you can imagine my depression was having an extremely negative impact on job performance and personal relationships.  During that time I saw multiple psychiatrists who prescribed a wide variety of medications to manage the depression.  None of the prescribed  medications were making any impact so my psychiatrist recommended that I try KetaMist®.  I agreed and started my twice a week in office treatments soon after.  After about the sixth week of treatments I started to feel the cloud lift and my depression diminish. A couple weeks after that I was back to performing daily tasks and resumed my job in sales.  I am currently in maintenance mode with KetaMist® receiving treatment about once a month, but the results have been nothing short of incredible.  This is the best that I have felt in years!


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