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Superior Ketamine Delivery

Ketamine was developed as an anesthetic in 1962 and is still used for anesthesia to this day. Over the last several years, scientific research has established the benefits of using Ketamine for mental health/psychiatric conditions.

Ketamine works in the brain acting as a NMDA receptor antagonist and increases the level of glutamate in the brain.  Ketamine also increases BNF (brain derived neurotrophic factor) which has been shown to regenerate neural connections. Ultimately, Ketamine’s actions in the brain help mental health conditions in a way that cannot be achieved through traditional oral medications.

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KetaMist® is a revolutionary method of Ketamine delivery for Treatment Resistant Depression and other conditions. Dr. Curtis Cassidy developed and pioneered KetaMist® as a superior alternative to other Ketamine delivery methods. KetaMist® does not use IVs or needles, is half the cost, and allows the patient to control their ketamine delivery in therapeutic doses that are optimized for each individual patient.  Many patients who failed Spravato found success with KetaMist®.

Curtis W. Cassidy, M.D. is dedicated to providing cutting-edge psychiatric medical treatment while expanding access to as many patients as possible. Dr. Cassidy is a ninth-generation native Floridian, born and raised in Lakeland, FL. After receiving his medical degree from the University of Florida College of Medicine, he completed residency training in Psychiatry at the University of South Florida and fellowship training in Forensic Psychiatry at Yale University. Dr. Cassidy is Double Board Certified in Psychiatry and Forensic Psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

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