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The Hidden Costs of Other Ketamine Treatments

KetaMist® is a revolutionary delivery method of Ketamine for treatment resistant depression and other mental health conditions. Ketamine given through other delivery methods such as IVs, injections, oral tablets, and nasal sprays can offer relief, but the delivery methods often have hidden price tags for patients.

A Package Deal for Painful IV Infusions

IV infusions use needles that can be uncomfortable and even painful. They leave patients chained to an IV bag and offer little patient control during treatment. While offered through a medical clinic, the providers on staff often lack the psychiatric training to effectively treat mental health conditions. Many IV infusion clinics focus on selling "wellness packages", memberships, and other useless add-ons rather than patient success.

A Subscription to Suboptimal Oral Doses

Oral Ketamine treatments are offered through impersonal online services and delivered to patients’ homes. After an online quiz and an initial consultation with a provider, patients rely on an app to connect with non-medical staff during their first few self-administered treatments, then are on their own unless they purchase additional time with staff. Plus, the dosages provided are often too low and subtherapeutic compared to what can be given in a doctor’s office. Online oral Ketamine clinics trap patients in weekly payment plans that go on for months.

A Spray That Has You Paying Through the Nose

Nasal esketamine is FDA approved to treat treatment resistant depression but must be administered in one of few certified outpatient treatment centers and has strict procedures that do not cater to individual patients. The spray only has 2 dosages available, and the effects can feel very intense instead of calming. While the nasal spray is FDA approved and covered by some insurances, many plans later deny coverage, leaving patients on the line for a treatment that costs them several thousands of dollars or results in them slipping back into depression.

KetaMist® is Best

With KetaMist®, patients have control over their ketamine treatments in ways that are impossible for IV, oral, and nasal delivery. Unlike other ketamine treatments, KetaMist® does not use invasive needles, injections, IVs, or nasal sprays. KetaMist® offers a personalized treatment plan with doses customized for the patient to maximize results. Offices have private treatment rooms and dedicated psychiatric providers overseeing every step of the treatment. The results have been life changing for many patients.

Call (866) KTA-MIST for more information.


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